Wednesday, April 30, 2008

our house comes to life

The number of cousins I have in Manila are about as many as the fingers on my hands. The majority of them are in Zamboanga. Recently, some of them traveled to Manila for different reasons and our house suddenly sprung to life.

The past months have been quite busy here at home. With my cousin Jaffy staying with us as he was awaiting a kidney transplant, to present as he recovers from the operation.

Early this month was my other cousin Cocoy's graduation from Law School. It is a big thing in our family as it seems that the most accepted and respected professions are doctors and lawyers (I am neither). Cocoy's family flew to Manila to witness the commencement exercises, including his brother's Bougette (first time in Manila) and Mick. It was fun having them around and I know Rocco enjoyed the most as he is for some reason drawn to his three Uncles. Plus of course, how could I ever forget that Sunday...that one day of gluttony we had in Unc Bim's house...literally eating from sun up to sun down(just so sinful!). Imagine, non-stop eating from lunch and ending the day with Yellow Cab pizza and their lo and behold ICE CREAM! I think I gained easily 10 pounds on that day.

Since the graduation, the house was slowly vacated as Bougette and Aunt Georgette (their Mom) had to go back to Zamboanga last week, while Uncle Boy (their Dad) and Mick stayed on for my Unc's medical procedures. After enjoying their company for two weeks, they left yesterday. Jaffy is still here and so is my Mom who is watching over him. The house was suddenly not as busy as it had been and I somehow miss it. And with Jaffy and Mom planning to return to the province this May 16, the once busy household will again become a quiet one. How time flies when you're having fun and it seems that our home just won't be the same without them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jun Lozada must leave LSGH

I have no political affiliations at the moment. I believe that majority of Philippine politicians are corrupt. I don't believe a thing they say. Sad, but true. I am still hoping for real change but until we Filipinos start voting wisely, this change will not come soon.

After Chavit Singson, my first reaction is that anyone who comes out now spilling dirt on someone else is just as dirty, has his own political agenda and should not be trusted. This is my opinion. Years of deceit and political blunders has just molded my mindset this way.

Coming from a family of La Sallites, and being an alumnus of DLSU, it is but natural that I would want my son to be a La Sallian as well. And so he is. We all know that the tuition at LSGH is very costly. The school year has ended and we are still making tuition payments.

When Jun Lozada was first reported to be "seeking shelter" at the Brother's house at LSGH, I was quite concerned with the security situation in the school. Naturally, I was thinking more for the welfare of my son and the other students more than the safety of Mr. Lozada.

I was advised that LSGH hired additional security just for Mr. Lozada. If this is true, I honestly hope my tuition payment was not used as part of that. I also heard that during the high school prom, the students had to walk the length of the parking lot to the ramp of the gym due to the security limitations brought about by Mr. Lozada's stay. School activities are limited to a certain time due to the 'curfew' set, also due to the security situation. Imagine the inconvenience this guy is creating at the school.

I firmly believe that Jun Lozada has worn out his stay at LSGH and should find alternative shelter. Perhaps go home. What I don't understand is that, if Mr. Lozada claims that there are threats to his life, why in God's name would he be doing the rounds of Manila schools, and then Iloilo and Cebu???!!! This is very suspicious to me.

I am also afraid that the La Salle brothers, whom I have the utmost respect for as some also happen to be close friends, are too close to this issue. Too close that the issue just might blow up in their faces and affect their credibility and the very institution they stand for.

I am sorry. I just don't trust Mr. Lozada because I see him as a crook who got off easily by blowing the whistle on his partners in crime. Inunahan lang niya sila para maabswelto. This does not make him a hero, nor someone to look up to and idolize. This is a mentality we Filipinos must learn to let go of. He should not be given celebrity status. He should also pay for his actions. I do agree that prolonging the proceedings in the Senate are a waste of time. It's actually getting pretty boring and the political agenda's of some of the Senators are so obvious that it really does look like grandstanding. Let's bring it to the proper forum. Bring it to court and if they are confident that there is enough evidence, it would not be that easy to manipulate the court, or at least, the educated viewing public.

If GMA really wants to show that she is against corruption, she must be willing to give up her husband to be investigated. If she is in on it, prove it and oust her-legally.

This is so tiring. As a member of the LSGH parents association, I demand that Mr. Lozada be removed from LSGH premises prior to the start of the next school year. I don't see why my son, and the other students be put in harms way for this man. I just don't see it. He has what, 3 or 4 sons enrolled there. I thought he was broke? Very suspicious.

Just wanted to share the feelings of a concerned parent.