Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a new addition to the family

Nope, that isn't Snoopy. It's our new baby! A 3 month old Siberian Husky named Shadow. A birthday gift to my brother but since dogs aren't allowed in his condo, he had to leave Shadow at home with us to the delight of everyone in our household. He now joins our reliable askal Ampon.

Though he is a real hyper pup and wreaks havoc now and then, he has brought much joy to us, just like a new baby. We were able to teach him to sit, lie down and jump up. He still loves to bite or nib since he is still teething so we have to keep directing him to his chew toys.

We went to Tiendesitas a week ago to look at other Husky's and we saw this real huge one. We hope he would grow that big (obviously not thinking about his food requirements by that time). We are also thinking of having him train as a a search and rescue dog. I heard their breed are good at that. For now, he is the darling of the house.

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