Monday, September 29, 2008

A young boys dream comes true

In our household it is normal to hear slapping of slipper soles on the floor. One slap, then another. This goes on and on. When you follow the source of the noise, you will find a 6 year old boy making phantom basketball shots. When he isn't doing this, he is making real shots in his small court in the backyard, or at RFM when we play on Sundays.

You could say that our son Rocco is hooked on the game. From playing on the PSP, to watching old videos of Michael Jordan, to watching La Salle play in the UAAP, he has developed a passion for the game that neither Rob or I had when we were his age.

Call us proud, doting parents (as we are of our kids), but we see a potential that may or may not be, and I believe it is our duty to nurture and encourage (without unhealthy pressure) it. When you ask him who his idols are, two names are mentioned, Michael Jordan and DLSU's Jvee Casio.

So when we heard that the Green Archers were going to attend Mass at Rocco's school, we decided to hear Mass there as well so that Rocco could get see and possibly meet his idol. After the Mass the players were gracious enough to sign autographs and pose for photos.

We walked up to Jvee and asked for a picture and autograph.

Then a small voice softly said to Jvee "I want to be like you". We then saw a shy but heart warmed smile from his idol and he softly answered "Wow, thank you."

After that surreal encounter, Rocco wanted photo's with the other members of his favorite team, and the players obliged.

As parents, we were just as happy so see the dream of a young boy come true on a warm Sunday morning.

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