Saturday, May 31, 2008

let's talk couch potato

Okay, so I haven't really been talking much about my relationship with my TV and DVD player. Not to worry, Rob so approves. In fact, he's pretty much in on the whole thing. And I call my blog Couch Potato Corner? Fine, fine...I AM A COUCH POTATO! Though I do share the TV time with my kids, most especially Rocco, who is just mesmerized with "Shaun the Sheep"(downloaded both seasons), and it is pretty funny!

Charmed is waaay over. And as I wasn't really able to catch up with Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls, let's skip talking about that. Heroes needs no further discussion, but can't wait for Season 3.

Everyday is like...what's on TV? Ever since I was granted a TV in my room (which was around high school), it was, what's on? what did I miss? My teacher in college, Ayi Magpayo asked us one day why we liked watching TV. My answer, though he didn't seem to appreciate it as it wasn't probably the idea he was driving at was "I just didn't want to miss anything", and it still holds true today.

I TV surf. Checking if there's breaking news on CNN, any interesting topics or guests on Oprah and Ellen, documentaries on history, weather, earthquakes and volcanoes on Discovery or NGC. 6:30pm is news time then on to what programs are on for the night. Monday there's House, Wednesdays and Thursdays are American Idol (when it's on) and CSI. The other days are pretty much random. But every night from 9-10pm is E-News and The Daily 10. I don't mind watching re-runs on HBO or Star Movies as long as I like the movie.

For quite a while now, I've been hooked on One Tree Hill and recently Gossip Girl(and Rob is too--I can't watch new episodes without him). I am also at the beginning stages of Summerland (a pretty interesting take on parenting).

One Tree Hill began similar to Dawson's Creek with a bunch of high school kids either in love or fighting all the time, but has evolved beautifully into a mature take on life. Unlike its contemporaries like The OC, etc. which are still stuck on sex and switching partners(yecch!), OTH has gone beyond that (yes, they began that way) and transcended into a weekly "food for thought" about life and love. Kudos to the writer's for it's evolution. And may I say that the epilogues or afterthoughts (mostly done by Lucas, Chad Michael Murray's character) really get you thinking. It's on it's 5th season and personally, I think its at its strongest (and little Jamie Scott played by Jackson Brundage is soooo cute!). Plus they have 3 things I am passionate about - basketball, writing and music! Can't wait until September when it returns for Season 6.

Gossip Girl on the other hand, is like "Clueless++" in TV series form. As a mom, I was a bit concerned with the storyline and its target audience. All the sex, deceit and elitism I feel, is too much for young audiences. Suffice to say that I don't let Alexa watch it yet. But as an adult, it's pretty interesting to watch. Season 1 just ended and Season 2 also starts in September.

So with those 2 shows on a break, what now? Still waiting for Heroes. And, I still need to catch up with Summerland so maybe I'll do that first.

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